Beauty in its purest form

Beauty in its purest form
If I only I could just stay there forever

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning Ponderings

Monday Morning Ponderings: 1.) Spring smells absolutely wonderful! 2.) How hard is it, really, for people to pick up their own garbage?? I'd rather pick up after my dog than a lazy person, and I end up doing both:-P 3.) "No Dogs" signs are "No fun". 4.) I love how everyone waves to each other when they are camping. I feel like I am on that show Cheers, except for knowing their names, of course...5.) How come my purse, car, and house can never all be clean at the same time? 6.)No more red tablecloths if I can't remember to not put them in the laundry with non-red items. 7.) Do I need a better memory or a shorter to-do list?

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