Beauty in its purest form

Beauty in its purest form
If I only I could just stay there forever

Monday, February 1, 2010

Going to watch my two year old niece today. The "amazing cartoon box" doesn't work quite as well on the toddlers, so I may not be getting much work done today. Should be spending time with her anyway. She's cute as a button.

Although, I have to admit, the day before yesterday I got out the 'ole laptop and got to work on a new story. I made a couple paragraphs of progress putting some detail into what I had already written. But then the Husband came to talk to me about something or another and the focus was gone. Being as how I cannot get people to understand I shouldn't be interrupted if I am in front of the computer typing away, I need to figure out a way to regain my momentum once it has been screwed up.


  1. nieces grow up fast; enjoy the time with her!

    I had to tell hubby to DO NO DISTURB me when I'm at my words (first thing in the morning, trying to get to 'em before he awoke) and he would sometimes remember to stay quiet, but it's a struggle, for sure--can you make a big sign?