Beauty in its purest form

Beauty in its purest form
If I only I could just stay there forever

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Need more discipline!

Ended up on the phone all morning instead of writing like I planned. Now I have to take a shower and get ready, or I might end up in my PJS all day. Did get some laundry put away, so not a total waste of a morning. I really want to come up with a writing schedule that I must stick to. Lock myself in the room, put on some music, and be done with the world for a couple hours a day. Enter a reality of my own creation and have a ball.

Stephen King was right when he said (in "On Writing) that you need to write everyday or your story struggles. I just want to start something new, or re-write the whole thing. Probably the latter of the two. Right now the story has so many contradictions from forgetting what I previously wrote, being that it may have been a week or two before beginning again.

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